10, 08, 2015

3 Ways to Score Quality Clothes for the Low


Lately, I’ve been working on revamping my wardrobe. Most of my clothes are from my college days. And since I’m no longer in college, I want something that reflects my stage of life now.

It’s important to me that I get quality items that are going to last me a long time. I don’t want something flimsy that’s going to tear a couple months into ownership. I want something that I can have for a few years. Oh, and did I mention that my funds are limited. Plus my personal motto is, “never pay full price for anything.” So it’s imperative that I get the most bang for my buck. And because I am the Queen of Frugaldom, I’ve figured out a couple of ways to do that. Check out my three strategies for scoring quality clothes on a budget. So good it’s practically stealing.

1. Shop Online Deals

The Internet is your friend. You can find anything online if you put your mind to it, and deals are no exception. A simple Google search can lead you to coupon codes for your favorite brands and stores. Outlet sites like TheOutnet and Bluefly offer clothing from high-end brands for up to 80% percent off retail prices. For extra savings, head straight to the sale/clearance sections of the site for designer deals as low as $10!

*Bonus tip: Check out Ebates.com for cash back on your purchases or the RetailMeNot app for instant updates on deals near you.

2. Thrift shops

This one isn’t really a secret but it’s a great way get quality, one-of-a-kind pieces. You’ll be surprised the things that people throw away! It’ll take some digging and filtering, but if you keep at it you’ll be able to score things like 100% silk blouses or cashmere sweaters for as low as $3.

*Bonus tip: Thrift stores in larger cities (New York, Atlanta, Los Angelos, etc.) usually have a better selection of clothing. And if you’re into brand names, check out thrift shops in upper class neighborhoods for steals on designer brands like Gucci and Ferragamo.

3. Sale/Clearance Racks

Good ole fashioned sale and clearance racks can get you where you need to be. Just walk into any store, even the ones with prices you think you can’t afford, head straight to the back and be surprised at what you’ll find. The markdowns will bring the prices into a neighborhood that’s much more reasonable for your pockets. Remember, everything makes it to the back eventually.

What are your favorite ways to shop deals?

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2 responses to “3 Ways to Score Quality Clothes for the Low”

  1. Mylah says:

    Hey! Thanks so much for the headsup on Bluefly and The Outnet. I’d never heard of those sites before. Glad I read your post. Have an awesome day!

    • Taniqua says:

      Yeah they’re great Mylah! I’m always surprised by what kinds of deals I can get on there if I look hard enough.

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