19, 04, 2017

5 Reasons Why You (ok I) Suck & How to Fix It

Lately, I ‘ve been feeling like I am failing in all areas of my life. For example, failing to turn in assignments on time, failing to hit deadlines at work, failing to spend time with my friends and family, failing on commitments I’ve made. Just dropping the ball everywhere. I started to recite my routine existential crisis rant to myself. You know, the one that complains about being overwhelmed and needing a break because I’m a millennial, blah, blah blah. Mid-rant I realized that I’m the reason that I’m not doing so well. I’d like to blame it on other things, but sometimes the truth of the matter is that we just suck. And that’s okay because the first step of recovering from anything is acknowledging that I have a problem. This post is really dedicated to me and my life right now; but if the shoe fits, I invite you to put a pair on with me and walk around until we fix these issues. 

So here goes.

Reason #1: We’re procrastinators.

I’m just going to start at the top. The number one reason why I suck, and probably why you suck too, is because I’m a procrastinator. Yup, that’s right. My name is Taniqua Russ and I procrastinate. Now I’m going to pause and give you a second to acknowledge your problem. [Insert your declaration here]. Now we can move on.

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For some people procrastination works, but here’s why it makes me suck: waiting last minute never gives me enough time to do my best job. In every single case, I run into an issue that I did not anticipate and it takes me longer to do whatever I’m doing. I’m already operating at the 11th hour so I really don’t have leeway for issues.

Reason #2: We’re unhealthy.

We suck because we’re tired and we’re not eating right, so our energy is low. You’ve stayed up all night working on that assignment, presentation or test and now you’re exhausted.  How can you be your best or deliver the best when you don’t have any energy? Take it from me, when you’re body is tired and low, it will shut down. I’ve had several days when my body was so exhausted that it refused to work, though I had to work that day! It forced me to stop and get myself together. Nobody functions at their best, or at all, when they are tired or unhealthy. 

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Reason #3: We’re doing too much.

We have too much going on. Raise your hand if you’re a 9-5er/blogger/mother/student/community activist/fitness instructor/Sunday school teacher/business owner? Yup me too. If I can be honest with you and myself, we don’t need to do all of that. We can’t do all of that. There is no way that we can dedicate our time to a billion things at once and expect the results to be excellent. 

Some roles in our lives are necessary but others really just add to the stress. Yes, you have to be a mom, finish school and work, but do you also have to teach yoga? Do you need to volunteer every Saturday? No, you don’t. Time is a lot like money. There are some things we can afford to do with the time we have in our “budget” and others we can’t. Re-evaluate your life and give your attention and your best to the most important things, the things God is calling you to this season. 

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Reason #4: We’re not honest with ourselves or the people around us. 

When we don’t deliver on our promises to people we disappoint them. In turn, they view us as individuals who suck. To stop this cycle, we have to be honest. Tell people “no” when you aren’t available to meet their needs. Let them know when you can’t do something. They’ll respect you so much more and you’ll suck so much less. 

Another important honesty habit to develop is letting people know when you’re struggling and need help. Reach out early so there’s time to help and share the burden. This is where I make the biggest mistake. I always think I can handle things. When I realize that I can’t, it’s too late. I’ve already missed something or I haven’t given my loved ones enough time to help me. 

Reason #5: We just aren’t that good.

The final reason I got, you’re just not good at it. Sometimes we suck just because we suck! There’s no way around it. However, there’s redemption. Show off your skills to a friend, who’s going to be truthful, and get their opinion. If the consensus is that you’re not a good _____ [insert role here] then do something to improve your skills. You can take a class, go to a conference or workshop, or find a mentor. Once you improve your skills, you’ll stop sucking. And if it all fails, then maybe that’s just not your gift and you need to keep it pushing.

Like I said before, this shoe was for me. Now that I’ve officially come to terms with the reasons why I’m not doing well in some areas of my life, it’s time for me to take control and improve. As always, I’m taking everything one step at a time. I’m confident I’ll get better; and so will you.

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