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  • To inspire: to fill with the urge to do something
  • To empower: to give the authority or power or resources to do something
  • To encourage: to give support, confidence or hope

“Everything I create here is to inspire, empower and encourage. I share my experiences to help you go after your dream life and root for you along the way.”

Here I share a hodgepodge of my experinces hoping to encourage you to go after your dream life and help each other out along the way. You’ll find inspiration, fashion, travel, lifestyle and so much more! Let’s journey to our dream life together!

The Girl

I’m a twenty-something-year-old journalist and content creator with a passion for fashion and helping women succeed, because success ain’t fun if the homies can’t have none. I’m horrible at telling people about myself, so here are some random facts that may help you get to know me better. Or, at the very least, show you how weird I am.

  1. I love Jesus.
  2. I’m Liberian (or first-generation or Liberian-American or a Liberian born in America, however you like to define it) LIB stand up!
  3. My favorite color combo is black and white. I prefer everything to be those colors.
  4. I listen to the French version of songs I know all the words to in English so I can practice my French and appear bilingual.
  5. When I’m not blogging, I’m doing school work or work-work. I don’t really have a life.
  6. Sometimes I day dream of being a DJ. I’d really like to try it one day so if you know somebody, help a sista out.
  7. Since trying Chick-fil-A’s frozen lemonade, I will only eat vanilla ice-cream if it has a hint of lemon juice. It has forever changed me.
  8. I’m a huge hip hop fan, but you’d never know it unless you’re peaking in my room on a Saturday morning (que I Used to Love H.E.R.)
  9. If someone can find me a shiny suit like Puffy and Mase rocked back in the day, I’d love them forever.
  10. I love black romantic films, but I HATED Love Jones (the music was great though). I just couldn’t root for Nina and Darius. They are not an ideal movie couple to me.


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