06, 12, 2016

The Give Back Gift Guide: 6 Good Will Fashion Brands to Shop this Holiday



I don’t know about you, but as soon as Thanksgiving dinner has settled in my stomach, I’m already playing Christmas music.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

I absolutely love Christmas. It’s my favorite holiday. And what I love most about Christmas is the opportunity to give. While you can (and should) give any time of the year, hearts seem to be more open during the holidays. People intentionally put themselves aside toseek opportunities to give to someone else or give back to their communities; even if it’s just for a moment. 

So if you’re doing your holiday shopping and want to share the love and wealth this season, I got you! I’ve gathered a few good will brands that you can shop this Christmas to help yourself and someone else.

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18, 11, 2016

Stretch Goals | Red Trench Coat & Printed Pants



It’s not uncommon for me to have an existential crisis on a weekly basis. That’s what we millennials do; we Snapchat and stress about the meaning of  our life, our purpose, our goals, the usual. So of course this week couldn’t go by without me doing so.


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07, 10, 2016

My Month Away



I’m back. By popular demand.

I’m sure most of you have forgotten about me because that’s how the Internet work. If you ain’t posting, nobody’s checking for you. Fingers crossed that some of you were curious about where I’ve gone.


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12, 08, 2016

Black Jumpsuit | Leopard Shoes


Happy Friday guys! This has got to be my favorite look to date. For some reason I feel like a baby Angela Bassett in this jumpsuit. The only thing I need is toned arms and I think I’d have a pretty good shot at playing the legendary Mrs. Bassett in a biopic.

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29, 07, 2016

Happy Happy Joy Joy | Yellow Zara Romper


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27, 07, 2016

How to Be Fashionable and Stay Cool This Summer



It’s definitely summer here in Georgia. And by definitely, I mean 98+ degrees. That’s hot!

I don’t know about you, but in the summer it’s easy for me to throw on the lightest and shortest thing I have just to make sure I’m not burning up all day. Then there are those occasions that call for much more effort. Weddings, parties, dinners, all places where I’d like to look nice but I also don’t want to be sweaty and sticky (body con dresses and denim will do that to you).

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