16, 10, 2015

Contentment in Christ



Recently, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Tayrina Gonzalez of His Purpose in Me and guest post on her blog.  Check out the excerpt below:

I’ve been struggling with being satisfied with where God has me.  For me personally, I am always tempted to look at the next person and want to attain their level of success. This is what I mean. As a 24 year-old, I have friends and acquaintances in various stages of life.

I’m also a millennial who is way too involved in the word of social media and the fantasy life it portrays: amazing marriages, successful entrepreneurs, great kids, world travel, etc. So if I’m not coveting then I’m allowing my ambitions to supersede and I’m striving to get to this “great place” in the future.

What’s up with that? All of the striving and wanting more? It’s like I’m never satisfied with where I am in life.

My “knowing” and my “feeling” are battling each other. What I know and what I feel and even what I see, sometimes, are not on the same page.

I know  God carries the plans for my life.

Full post at His Purpose in Me

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