04, 01, 2016

Doing The Most


Looking at my outfit, you’d think that I am doing the absolute most– and I am. I have on thigh-high boots, a head tie, fur vest, two necklaces and a cowhide purse; not to mention that I’m mixing prints, textures and colors. It’s extra, but I love it! My friend, on the other hand, was not feeling this look.


taniqua-russ-doing-the-most 2

This is a pretty good description of my life right now– I’m doing a lot. Normally, I would preach to you about how that’s not okay and you have to rest, all true, but I think that there are times when “doing the most” is okay. Right now, I’m working a job that I enjoy, blogging, trying to start a business, serving in an executive capacity at the Liberian Association for Metropolitan Atlanta and managing the everyday affairs of being Taniqua. I haven’t even included specifics, but you can already see that this is a long a weighty list. Everything that I am doing is, on some level, what I’ve always wanted to do. And I can honestly say that each opportunity has helped me grow, personally and professionally.

So, doing too much can sometimes be good.


When each task is God-led, then “doing the most” is actually a great thing. It may not be other’s cup of tea, like my outfit,  but it may be perfectly designed for your life and purpose. That’s where I believe my life is right now, and I’m keeping in mind the following principles:

  • Balance is important. Make sure to get adequate work and rest.
  • Make sure to deliver well on everything you do. What’s the point of doing something if you are going to do it half-heartedly.

The moment I believe that something is too much for me, trust me, I’ll let it go.

Prayers up for me as I do the most this year!



Photos by Lyndon Eugene

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