13, 04, 2015

Goals v. Results: Which One Really Matters?


Don’t sell out your goal to achieve results.

I’m starting to notice that people, myself included, get goals and results mixed up. We spend a lot of time chasing after results (money, popularity, notiriarity, etc.) and we completely disregard our goals. Sometimes to the point where we abandon our goals for results.

I know you’re wondering, “what in the world is she talking about?” Keep reading and I promise it will make sense.

Goal: the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.

Results: a consequence, effect, or outcome of something.

Your ultimate goal is the object behind your ambition/effort. It’s the why behind the what. The reason the what, meaning what you doeven matters. It’s the reason you started to write, draw design, style, sing, start a business. You get my drift.

It seems like we measure our progress or success against the wrong thing.  Like me, I’m tempted to measure my success by the amount of money I make, how popular I am and the amount of followers I have on Instagram. The honest truth is, if I mange to accomplish all of these things but haven’t achieved my goal, then I lost. I’m actually not successful.

The reason I started this blog is to encourage women to grow in self-esteem through fashion, to live a life of faith and to step out and become everything they’re created to be. If I get 500K+ daily views on my blog, more paid content opportunities, speaking engagements and everything a blogger dreams of, it doesnt really matter if not one woman was inspired or encouraged. I failed because  I didn’t meet my ultimate goal. All of those things are amazing and I want those things, but they don’t spell out success for me. Better yet, I’m learning that they do not necessarily mean success. Those things come as a result of working hard and working well. I work hard and I do a good job because I want to achieve my goal and do so in an excellent manner. The rest will follow me as a result of my hard work, but I have to pursue the goal because that is what is most important.

Pursuing my ultimate goal gives me the advantage of having what truly matters and what’s a nice additiveGoing after results only gives me one and *hint hint* it aint what’s really important.

My message to you this Monday: don’t sell out your goals for results. Trust me, results will come as you achieve your goal well. Create you art this way. Live your life this way.


But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. – Matthew 6:33


2 responses to “Goals v. Results: Which One Really Matters?”

  1. Will Guy says:

    Thanks Taniqua!!! I may be a dude, but this post is universal. I just learned a lot.

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