30, 08, 2017

Is Graduate School Worth It? | 2 Degree Shawty Episode 1

I haven’t really shared much of my graduate school journey with you all on the blog. To be honest, I haven’t talked about it at all. Some of you are probably like “What? You’re in school? Since when?!”

Let me give you some background information. I’m currently in my third semester at Rutgers University in the Master of Communication and Media program; my concentration is in digital media and communication and media research. I work full time, go to school part-time but fully online (can’t wait to talk about this with you guys) and I’m paying for it out of pocket.  I took a year off post undergrad and worked for a bit before starting school.

All caught up.

I want to start sharing my grad school experience with you guys because you’re pretty much family at this point. I created this series to share a bit of the ups, downs, and tips as I navigate this thing called higher education.

Over the summer, I had a chance to really think through whether or not this degree was worth all of the time, energy, work and money that I am putting in. I basically decided that I was in too deep and too far gone to let it go now. I’m going to finish this race that I started. So here I am again for another fall semester!

In this first episode, I discuss a some of the things that I considered when deciding if graduate school is worth it. Check it out below!


In the comments, let me know if you’re considering grad school and why?



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