17, 11, 2015

How to Unplug for a Moment + Fashionista Tea Giveaway

Fashionista Tea

I will be the first to jump up and tell you that technology is great. But sometimes being connected can get overwhelming. If you’re like me, you need a week in an exotic location to just relax and enjoy yourself— with no ping, bong or any other notification sound.

Unfortunately, that’s not my life. It’s not often that I can take a week off from anything. Thanks to the good old boys who invented the Internet, 3G and LTE (whoever they are) I can work and go to school digitally. That’s great for convenience but horrible for sanity and personal well-being. What do I mean? Well, it’s not healthy to be on 24/7 or work 24/7. The body doesn’t like that. But when all of your responsibilities are at your finger tips all day everyday, it’s hard not to be on 24/7. Everything seems urgent and pressing.

You want to go away for a weekend but you can’t here’s how to have little unplugged moments throughout the day/week.

1. Set aside Do Not Disturb time. It can be a few days, hours, or minutes, but set aside time where you are unreachable. This means, no phone, no computer, nothing. Shut off everything that reminds you that someone wants your attention at the moment. I put my phone on “do not disturb” mode for a few hours each day. Be very guarded with this time. This is your unplugged moment that your mind and body needs.

2. Do something you enjoy that doesn’t involve staring at a lit screen. Read a book. Go for a walk. Sing. Anything. For me, that’s drinking a hot cup of tea.

This past week I had the chance to sit down with a hot cup of Fashionista Organic Green Pomegranate Tea. I love tea and I love fashion so it was nice to settle down while incorporating with. I took the first ten minutes before my work day, drank a cup and relaxed. It really helped me to mentally rest from working and just enjoy a few free moments– in style.  It’s made with hints of raspberries and pomegranates which gave it a nice tart flavor and amber color, over the standard green tea taste. I like to drink my tea with minimal sugar so the added flavor was a plus. That cup made those ten  minutes feel like hours of freedom.

I want to help you unplug, so I am giving away a tin of Fashionista Tea. Enter. It’s fair trade, it’s delicious and it’s free!



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Giveaway courtesy of Fashionista Tea. All opinions and comments are my own. 

2 responses to “How to Unplug for a Moment + Fashionista Tea Giveaway”

  1. Shamiya says:

    Great advice! I’m not trying to unplug at the moment but I probably need to step back in a few days. Great blog. Found you from blm.

    Shamiya from miyaloves.com

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