10, 12, 2017

Jeweled Bustier + Red Wide Leg Pants

I received so much love on this outfit on my Instagram, I figured I’d share the details here for those of you who aren’t following me on social media. By the way, if you do not follow me on Instagram, you’re missing out. Follow!


Top: Ella’s Creations. Wide Leg Pants: Asos. Shoes: Macy’s. Coat: Front Row Shop.

This outfit is my favorite to date for quite a few reasons. The first being that it came together so well at the last minute.

So here’s the story… 

For three weeks I had been searching for an outfit to wear to celebrate my anniversary. Of course I wanted to buy something new but my bank account reminded me that spending money wasn’t an option. That’s when I decided to use the top of my bridesmaid dress from my cousin’s wedding and pair it with some wide leg pants that you guys are familiar with because I wore them hereI grabbed my most closely matching jacket – because a bustier in 50 degree weather is not the business — topped it off with my mom’s shoes and $6 worth of accessories I got from Walmart and I was good to go. Which brings me to the second, and most important, reason this look was one of my favorites: I didn’t spend any money!

Bae loved it and I got so many compliments that night. It just goes to show you that with a little creativity, you can make show-stopping magic out of anything you have in your closet.

This look would be perfect for a holiday party or a New Year’s event. Switch out the shiny trench for a faux fur if you want to make even more of a statement.

What do you guys think? Do you like it?

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8 responses to “Jeweled Bustier + Red Wide Leg Pants”

  1. Susan says:

    Love the red wine color on you, looking fabulous and stylish..jeweled bustier is a must have!

  2. JULIASGUIDE says:

    Nice pair outfit, like it.

  3. Allyson says:

    What a beautiful outfit! you’re rocking it!

  4. Mercae says:

    I love that bustier!

  5. You are so beautiful! I love your outfit and haircut. Not everyone can rock this girl. Super cute!

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