26, 08, 2015

Myself: White Tank | African Print Skirt

taniqua-russ-white-tank-top-african-print-skirt 2

taniqua-russ-white-tank-top-african-print-skirt 3

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As a blogger and social media strategist (my day job), I am in front of a computer 16 of the 24 hours of the day. Most times I enjoy it, but there are many times when it gets annoying. First let me establish that I love my job and I love blogging. What I don’t love is that both seem to be centered around a constant need for recognition, approval and comparison.

In social media marketing, everything has to do with numbers, targets, engagement, likes, follows, clicks– basically recognition. With that daily task, it’s easy for me to get personally attached and begin to measure myself (not the content I post) by other people’s approval and to become envious of others who are receiving that approval.

Sometimes I just need a break from creeping on every post, agonizing over every number and comparing insights to competitors.

I remind myself to look to Christ for approval and validation and there is no need to be envious of others. I remind myself that numbers don’t define me. I remind myself to be myself. My introverted, awkward, African-pencil-skirt-white-tank-top-wearing, beauty-mark-on-left-foot self. And myself is perfectly okay.


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6 responses to “Myself: White Tank | African Print Skirt”

  1. Asea says:

    Oh Taniqua! This is so on point. I struggle with the same thing I have been so tempted to just delete everything so many times this year. However, when we are submitted to Christ Je can be glorified in all that we do. So I also have to remind myself of such things and just be grateful for the growth God has given me. Thanks for sharing I have actually been planning to write something similar because I truly think social media can negatively impact believers. Sometimes we need a reminder that our identity is in Christ. Cute outfit too!

    • Taniqua says:

      Thanks! I absolutely agree that it can negatively impact us if we don’t keep the right perspective. Glad to see that Im not the only one who struggles with this, but we’ll make it! Lol

  2. Miatta Tor says:

    Love Love love, how open you are about the struggle with social media. I think Galatians 5:26 is a great reminder that as we focus on the Lord we have less time to focus on others. Looking forward to reading more. Great content. Love the cuff!

  3. Kendra says:

    Great topic and great read.Its a good reminder of the mindset I need to have as I will soon be using social media for Beloved. Love your photos!

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