01, 04, 2015

Not Quite What I Imagined


Taniqua Russ

Sometimes life doesn’t turn out quite like you thought.

In my case, I’m 23 and I’m no where near where I imagined I’d be at this age. I just knew that at 23 I’d be a successful CEO of my own company and traveling all over the world. At 23, I now see how unlikely this is (though not impossible), but I still want it and I am still disappointed that I’m not there yet.


Like my life, this day didn’t turn out like I imagined. It was freezing cold, my hair wasn’t how I wanted and quite frankly, I hated my outfit, but it was too late. I was already in the moment. I had no choice but to work with what I had where I was. And that’s life. No I’m not where I thought I’d be at 23, but you know what? I have no choice but to work with what I got where I am. I have a degree, I have a job, a place to live (thanks mom and dad), people who love me and so much more! I’m taking in these moment and learning everything I can. I’m learning from my mistakes, and each day I’m moving closer to where I want to be. Everything I’m doing and experiencing now is just preparation for my future, and I’m working with it. Just like I did this day.


Top: Express ~Skirt: Thrifted  Shoes: Macy’s

 Pics: Alysia Marion/Olive Filming Productions


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