15, 05, 2015

Second Chances

Taniqua_Russ_Second_Chance 1

Earlier this week, I posted this outfit on Instagram (go follow *wink*wink) pairing two items.  I’m cleaning out my closet and styling pieces helps me figure out which ones to keep and which ones to let go. I have only worn the vest once or twice, but I have worn the pants too many times to count. So after much mixing and matching, I decided to let the pants go. It was too short, too tight, and uncomfortable; it was just time to let go. One the flip side, I decided keep this number. I thought it deserved a second chance.

Taniqua Russ Second Chance

Now, I absolutely love this vest!  Can you believe I ever contemplated giving it up?

I decided to wear it with a simple pair of jeans and nude sandals because the vest really is the breakout star in this series. The layering of the red, gold, blue and white threads give it a pinkish tint, making it a perfect pastel for Spring. The gold button details are my favorite. If you couldn’t already tell by my earrings and rings, I am a gold fiend.

Taniqua Russ

Taniqua Russ Second Chance

All in all this vest really is the beez neez, but I would have never known if I didn’t give it a second chance. That’s pretty much how life works. Sometimes people (or jobs, or opportunities, or things) don’t exactly float your boat the first time you meet them. Sometimes you outgrow people (or jobs, or opportunities, or things) or they wear out their welcome. Holding on to something you have outgrown would just be a stifling for everyone involved.

Every so often it is important to evaluate your life. Get rid of the things that just do not fit anymore and be open to the second chancers God will bring your way. You never know what you might find.




Top: Thrifted ~ Jeans: Forever 21 ~  Shoes: Similar here ~  Earrings: Thrifted ~ Rings: Rue 21

 Pics: Alysia Marion/Olive Filming Productions

4 responses to “Second Chances”

  1. Chakayla says:

    You look super cute! #BLMgirls

  2. Ginger says:

    I love your style! It’s vintagey (not a word) and super cute. Kind of modest but still grown and sexy! I love it!

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