06, 12, 2016

The Give Back Gift Guide: 6 Good Will Fashion Brands to Shop this Holiday



I don’t know about you, but as soon as Thanksgiving dinner has settled in my stomach, I’m already playing Christmas music.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

I absolutely love Christmas. It’s my favorite holiday. And what I love most about Christmas is the opportunity to give. While you can (and should) give any time of the year, hearts seem to be more open during the holidays. People intentionally put themselves aside toseek opportunities to give to someone else or give back to their communities; even if it’s just for a moment. 

So if you’re doing your holiday shopping and want to share the love and wealth this season, I got you! I’ve gathered a few good will brands that you can shop this Christmas to help yourself and someone else.


1. Bené 

taniqua-russ-bene-rebecca-scarf-twoPhoto credit: Bené

*Bené luxury scarves are 100% silk and  proceeds sponsors tuition, books, supplies and uniforms for girls in Ghana. Each scarf even comes with a special message from one of the girls you are supporting. Check them out here.


2. Same Sky

taniqua-russ-same-sky-infinityPhoto credit: Same Sky

Same Sky is a jewlery line that seeks to provide training and educational opportunities to women living in extreme poverty. 100% of net proceeds are reinvested to train and employ more artisans in need located in Rwanda and the United States.

[Read: Meet Bené: A Brand Dedicated to Empowering Women Worldwide]

3. The Bombchel Factory

taniqua-russ-bombchel-factory-liberiaPhoto credit: Bombchel Factory

*The Bombchel Factory  is the ethical African fashion brand located in Monrovia, Liberia. Each item is made by their all-woman staff of Ebola survivors, rape victims and the deaf. Some of these ladies are earning salaries for the first time in their lives and receiving skills-training and education.


4. Sseko

taniqua-russ-sseko-designs-gift-guidePhoto credit: Sseko

Sseko creates cute leather goods and accessories, the perfect gift for everyday wear. Their sandals are made in Uganda, enabling women to earn money that goes directly towards their college education.


5. Bohten Eyewear


Photo credit: Bohten

*Bohten sells stylish bespoke eyewear. The best part: for every pair sold, Bohten makes a donation towards Sightsavers which works to prevent blindness in developing countries.


6. Uniform

taniqua-russ-uniform-liberia-gift-guidePhoto credit: Uniform

*Uniform is an apparel brand manufactured in Liberia, Kenya and Morrocco. Uniform not only provides jobs for local communities, but also healthcare, early childhood development and education resources for factory workers. Proceeds from the clothing go towards purchasing school uniforms for children in Liberis. The best part? Nothing cost more than $100.


What brands are you shopping this holiday season? Let me know in the comments!




*Black owned brand

6 responses to “The Give Back Gift Guide: 6 Good Will Fashion Brands to Shop this Holiday”

  1. Dara says:

    I’m sooo mad I missed this list in time for the holidays. But now that we’re back in “shopping for myself” season lol, I might have to get that scarf!

  2. Nita says:

    Ms. Qua
    Yes, it is a blessing to give than to receive at any given time not.
    I will be looking at some of the those brands while shopping.

    Thank you

  3. Margo says:

    Love this roundup. The sunglass lover in me has to check out more stuff from Bohten. Thanks for being the plug! #blmgirls

  4. Christina says:

    Love this list! Definitely checking out the scarves and eyewear!

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