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Most of the time, I end my weeks feeling very disappointed or defeated and speaking very negatively to myself. Like really negative. I tend to be hard on myself because I’m slightly Type A with a splash of perfectionist, but it had turned into me beating myself up. Too many times I was asking myself, “how could you be so stupid” or telling myself “you don’t work hard enough.” Then I’d spend my weekends working harder, yes to get work done, but mostly to prove to myself that I am worth something.  And in all of this, I couldn’t recall the last time I said something positive. It was just all bad and it was draining my energy.

I was over the whole cycle so last Saturday I decided that I was going to do something different.

Proverbs 23:7 says, “as a man thinks so is he.” I figured that the way I was talking to myself and what I was thinking about myself had to be part of the reason I felt like such a disappointment. So to fix it, I became intentional about complimenting and affirming myself each day. Meaning, every day I would look myself in the mirror, or my selfie camera if I was being lazy, and say something empowering. And let me tell you, that made a WORLD of difference this week. I just feel so much better and more confident. It’s Friday, and honestly, the amount of work I completed this week was no different, but I don’t feel defeated. I feel great about life and myself! I’ve learned how to positively push myself and how to use constructive criticism to get myself to improve. A much better approach than what I was doing before.

So, if you’re super hard on yourself like I am, then I want you to try this. Let’s end the weeks with a bang! We are too amazing to be sulking, feeling defeated and hating ourselves. Starting August 1, cuz we wanna start the month off right, let’s take 5 days together and intentionally compliment ourselves. I’m calling this the (Wo)man in the Mirror Challenge. *cues Michael Jackson* *hits moonwalk*  I promise you, it can only help.

If you’re down for the challenge, sign up below!

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